Make Your

Custom Squarespace
design & setup
that really works for you.



End-to-End Setup With a Clear Price Tag.

All sites get these baseline features:

  • Template selection & design setup

  • Up to 8 pages of content

  • Blog or Events Feed (post content is additional)

  • Contact form

  • Social media accounts connected (requires account access

  • Google Analytics integrated

  • Site registered with Google Search Console

  • Domain mapped to (requires domain provider access)

  • Final overview usability training session

  • General user guide to site 

All websites start with a simple baseline of needs and those most basic ones are covered in every project starting at just $800. This allows us to build on as you need specific solutions, with even more complex designs having final price tags of under $1,500.

Payments can be completed in two deposits: 1) 50% of the estimated total to start the project and 2) the remaining balance due at 30 days from the start date or the “go live” date, whichever occurs first.



Modern Solutions.

As a Squarespace Specialist and Software Engineer, I can help you recognize, identify, determine and build the fundamental aspects of your business solution- and get you going in just a matter of days. Most sites are live in under two weeks.

I’m an advocate for the small business and the entrepreneur. Delivering aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and user-friendly websites that make sense is my specialty. I’ll research tools and options to fit your needs and provide insights that most setup companies just don’t bother with. My rapid setup toolkit includes:

  • Squarespace & Wix template hosting


  • Javascript

  • Graphic and logo design

  • Product photography

  • G Suite products & Google Analytics Setup

  • Domain DNS setup

  • HIPAA compliant email/storage setup (G Suite)

  • Facebook Business Manager / Pixel / Instagram Product Tagging

  • Newsletter design, management & regulation (Mailchimp, Squarespace)

  • Integrations for Stripe, Paypal, Shipstation, appointment scheduling (Acuity, etc), and others

  • Podcast syndication & Apple News publishing

Read more about my educational background in my curriculum vitae.